Teaching Style

My main aim as a teacher is to play a small part in helping and guiding people to become self-responsible, gain understanding about how to follow nature and in doing so realise their own.  This is done by creating a environment for students to explore and gain insight into Tai Chi principles, which are derived from our ancestors’ keen observations and reflect the natural order of things.  Once a certain level is reached, insight is gained that enables the student to apply these principles in their everyday lives, including healing (both oneself and others), personal / professional development and self-defence.  As an essential part of learning, I frequently demonstrate applied postures, movements, principles and self-defence applications via exchange of hands (Gau Sau) with students.  

Students also test each other in a non-competitive and supportive way.  This gives both student and teacher confidence that principles are being applied correctly and therefore optimum benefit can be drawn from the practice; that is, with sufficient care and dedication, of course!  It is all too easy to waste time practising Tai Chi incorrectly and with a lack of authenticity; through this approach I aim to minimise wasted effort and help people to realise the benefits much quicker and more intensely than via traditional methods.



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Teaching Style