Our Approach

Our Tai Chi is different. Our purpose is not to follow a particular tradition or style. Instead, we follow nature.

1. Many people’s purpose when studying Tai Chi is centred around learning and following a particular tradition or style, which although useful at first has distinct and binding limitations if one wants to more genuinely and openly explore the truth of the nature of things.   

2. Although inspired by experiences learning under a great master of the traditional Yang Style, it would be a mistake to label this system as one style or another.  Instead, Gu Dang (meaning ‘Resonating Drum’) seeks to reconnect Tai Chi with its roots and original essence, which are to understand, harness and apply the forces of nature, using timeless natural principles.  

3. We teach authentic Tai Chi Chuan and internal marital arts, but are not aligned to any one tradition or style & are committed to evolving the art by being creative, scientific, inquisitive, honest & open to change.    

4. We give equal weight to training for health, personal development & self-defence because if one aspect is neglected, the others will suffer. For beginners, health is prioritised; it is the foundation for everything else.  

5. We don’t beat around the bush and are not given to opaque, ambiguous or glib statements! We provide an unprecedented quality & quantity of practical information about how to acquire & express internal power (Jing).

6. We train wholeheartedly with dedication, rigour, care, honesty & realism. We share openly and provide a friendly, enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere. Independent thinkers & self-responsible people particularly welcome!



Gu Dang Tai Chi Chuan

London & SE England

t:  07812 469133

e: alex@guildfordtaichi.co.uk