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Guildford Sessions


5 September 2018 @ 7:30pm Upper Hall Shalford   

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Followed by a

6-week course starting  12 September 2018.  

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Private Lessons

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Gu Dang Tai Chi Chuan

London & SE England

t:  07812 469133

e: alex@guildfordtaichi.co.uk

I have learnt in more depth & more efficiently than any other Tai Chi class I’ve done

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A bit more background …

Gu Dang has come about through a thorough assimilation and evaluation of my former teacher’s transmissions, together with wide-ranging explorations in areas such as anatomy/physiology, breathing, walking, taoist yoga, philosophy, physics, biomechanics…

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Our Tai Chi is different.

We do not follow a tradition or style.

Instead, we follow nature.”  

Although Gu Dang offers authentic Tai Chi and internal martial arts, it is not aligned to any one tradition or style and aims to evolve the art by being creative, scientific, inquisitive, honest & open to change.

Equal weight is given to training for health, personal development & self-defence because if one aspect is neglected, the others will suffer. For beginners, health is prioritised; it is the foundation for everything else.  

The Gu Dang approach aims to expand the boundaries

of traditional training by:

-  Broadening its scope by redefining the core principles so    that they hold true for all forms of human activity

-  Showing that these principles increase the efficiency &    effectiveness of training, bringing greater internal power

-  Demonstrating the successful application of these    principles in other fields e.g. sports, music, rehabilitation

-  Encouraging a more open, honest & scientific attitude    for real progress in our understanding of internal power

-  Making the mechanisms by which Tai Chi and Qigong

   ‘work’ more explicit and accessible to scientific study.


Alex Swainson

Founding Instructor

Teaching Yoga Instructors in Russia